Elements classification


Reconciliation – is a process to match cross messages submitted by Principal Reporting Agents and / or Reporting Agents to register the Master Agreement or a contact made on the basis of the Master Agreement.

Mandatory reporting element is an element mandatory to be filled in a message to be submitted to the Repository for successful registration (mre – mandatory reporting element).

Mandatory field reconciliation are fields mandatory and non-mandatory to be filled in that should be matched in both cross messages for successful registration. Fields filled in a message by one counterparty and fields not filled in a message from the other counterparty shall be deemed not matched. Non-mandatory fields that are not filled in cross messages of both counterparties shall be deemed matched (mfr – mandatory field reconciliation).

Additional field reconciliation are fields that are not mandatory to be filled in and for registration. If these fields are filled in and fully matched within cross messages of both counterparties, values will be entered to the registry. If these fields are not filled in or matched in cross messages of both counterparties, values are not entered in the registry. Non-matching of these fields will not result in rejection of registration of messages that will be registered without such fields (afr – additional field reconciliation).

Special field reconciliation are elements mandatory to be filled in for successful registration, but if such elements are different in cross messages of both counterparties if these elements are filled in by both counterparties, message registration will be rejected. If only one counterparty filled in these fields, elements shall be deemed reconciled and element values will be entered in the registry (sfr – special field reconciliation).

Optional field reconciliation are fields that are not mandatory to be filled in for successful registration. Differences in cross messages from both counterparties if fields are filled in by both of them will not result in registration rejection. Messages will be registered but values will not be entered in the registry. When these elements are provided only by one counterparty, elements will be deemed reconciled with values being entered in the registry (ofr – optional field reconciliation).

No field reconciliation are message elements that are not recognized during reconciliation. These fields are used to transfer technical information about a message (sender, message number, etc.) Values from messages of both parties are entered in the registry (nfr – no field reconciliation).

Non-completed field are fields are not used to exchange messages with the Repository. (ncf – non-completed field).

Unique matching field are fields for mandatory or optional reconciliation that determine uniqueness of master agreement reporting forms, contracts and other reports and search of cross reporting forms during matching (umf – unique matching field).

If there no actual values, the following values are used for mandatory field reconciliation: