NSD’s trade repository messages specifications

Current specification


Indicates which party (or parties) (and accounts) a trade or event is being processed for. Normally there will only be a maximum of 2 parties, but in the case of a novation there could be a transferor, transferee, remaining party, and other remaining party. Except for this case, there should be no more than two onABehalfOf references in a message.

FieldTypeDescriptionPrint form titleFFSM titlePropertiesConditions
partyReferencePartyReferenceThe party for which the message reciever should work.Party reference.0-1, mre, nfrThis is used in messages sent for registration by the repository only in case of indication of a party on behalf of which information from paper document is registered.
accountReferen​ceAccountReferen​ceIdentifies the account(s) related to the party when they can be determined from the party alone, for example in a inter-book trade. 0-∞, ncf