NSD’s trade repository messages specifications

Current specification


Type defining commitment fulfillment status for the listed trades or master agreements on the specified date.

FieldTypeDescriptionPrint form titleFFSM titlePropertiesConditions
eventIdentifierBusinessEventI​dentifierIndividual parties should only use a single event identifier to identify a retraction. Platforms providing services on behalf of both parties in a transaction may provide event identifiers for both parties; in this case it is up to the recipient (the trade repository) to validate that the event IDs refer to the same event. Business event identifier.0-∞, ncfThis is not used in messages to the repository.
repositoryMess​ageIdentifierPartyTradeIden​tifierThe trade reference identifier(s) allocated to the trade by the parties involved.Report identifier given by repository1-1, mre
tradesWithStat​usTradesWithStat​usDefines the list of trades with specified commitment fulfillment status.Trades with commitment status.1-∞, mre