NSD’s trade repository messages specifications

Current specification


FieldTypeDescriptionPrint form titleFFSM titlePropertiesConditions
eventIdentifierBusinessEventI​dentifierIndividual parties should only use a single event identifier to identify a retraction. Platforms providing services on behalf of both parties in a transaction may provide event identifiers for both parties; in this case it is up to the recipient (the trade repository) to validate that the event IDs refer to the same event. Business event identifier.0-∞, ncfThis is not used in messages to the repository.
masterAgreemen​tIdTradeIdIdentifier of the master agreement of trades for which credit support transfers, settlements and delivery on execution and fulfillment of commitments status are being reported. Master agreement number is assigned by repository at registration.Master agreement number.1-1, mre, mfr
maTerminatingR​easonMasterAgreemen​tTerminatingReasonMaster agreement terminating reason.Master agreement terminating reason.1-1, mre, mfr