NSD’s trade repository messages specifications

Current specification

Сообщения репозитария


The message is used to:

  • Notify the participant about sending a message to a counterparty for confirmation;
  • Notify the participant about termination of services with respect to the master agreement, contracts.

The form RM003 – Notification on sending a message to a counterparty is used in the following business processes:

  • "Master agreement registration" – bilateral consecutive confirmation
  • "Contract registration" - bilateral combined confirmation
  • "Quarter report registration" - bilateral consecutive confirmation
  • "Obligation fulfilment registration" - bilateral consecutive confirmation
  • "Contract obligation status registration" - bilateral consecutive confirmation
  • "Termination of the master agreement and cease of services with respect of the master agreement"

Message structure

FieldTypeDescriptionPrint form titleFFSM titlePropertiesConditions
headerResponseMessag​eHeaderA type refining the generic message header to make it specific to response messages.0-1, mre, nfr
validationValidationA list of validation sets the sender asserts the document is valid with respect to. This field is never filled for NSD messages. 0-∞, ncf
parentCorrelat​ionIdCorrelationIdA reference to message which register a master agreement. Should be filled in messages for trade registration when they are being send together with master agreement registration message. Related document form identifier0-1, nfr
correlationIdCorrelationIdA qualified identifier used to correlate between messages. For NSD messages the format is [Sender identifier]-[Year]-[Message ID]. Messages chain identifier0-2, mre, nfrIn NSD repository messages only one correlationId element must be filled.
sequenceNumberxsd:positiveIn​tegerA numeric value that can be used to order messages with the same correlation identifier from the same sender. 0-1, ncfThis is not used in messages to the repository.
onBehalfOfOnBehalfOfIndicates which party (or parties) (and accounts) a trade or event is being processed for. Normally there will only be a maximum of 2 parties, but in the case of a novation there could be a transferor, transferee, remaining party, and other remaining party. Except for this case, there should be no more than two onABehalfOf references in a message. Message on behalf of.0-4, ncfThis model is used in messages sent for registration by the repository only.
statusItemEventStatusItemDefining relation between an event identifier and its current status value.0-∞, mre
partyPartyA legal entity or a subdivision of a legal entity. Parties can perform multiple roles in a trade lifecycle. For example, the principal parties obligated to make payments from time to time during the term of the trade, but may include other parties involved in, or incidental to, the trade, such as parties acting in the role of novation transferor/transferee, broker, calculation agent, etc. In FpML roles are defined in multiple places within a document. In repository messages this includes reporting role of a party. Party0-∞, mre
accountAccountOptional account information used to precisely define the origination and destination of financial instruments. In particular this may include client account reference when defined in this group. Party's clients.Party's client.0-∞, ncf